QNAP and ULINK Release AI Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS

QNAP has partnered with ULINK Technology to unveil a cloud-based storage analytics tool. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this application allows you to predict disk failures and take proactive measures to protect against downtime and data loss. As noted, DA Drive Analyzer uses statistics obtained from the cloud artificial intelligence portal ULINK. Based on the historical usage data of millions … Read more

Showa Denko Develops Hard Disk Medium for MAS-MAMR Technology

Showa Denko (SDK) has developed a hard disk recording medium, which is a key component for manufacturers such as Toshiba to create more than 20TB disk drives using Microwave-Assisted Switching / Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording ( MAS-MAMR).     Usually, the MAS-MAMR, also referred to as the second generation of MAMR technology, reduces the distance between recording … Read more